Linda is a top-selling artist in the world of heartfelt, inspirational, Christian music. Her albums continue to touch people across a wide variety of musical tastes. From songs that are perfect for quiet moments of reflection to others, which lift your spirits and help them soar, Linda’s music will touch your heart and soul. Linda’s fans speak to the therapeutic nature of her musical gift, and how it has helped with healing and comfort in times of trouble.

As technology has moved forward, Linda has worked to ensure her music is available to everyone with a wide variety of options. Linda offers listening CDs and mp3s- the ultimate way to take music with you on the go!!

For the pianist, piano solos with CD track accompaniment are available, along with downloadable, published music for piano and organ, piano and orchestra, and piano with a string quartet. For handbell choirs, published music with an orchestra is available which will thrill the audiences!!

Arrangements are available for OTHERS to play...as a piano solo, organ/piano duet, 4-hand piano, piano with orchestra or string quartet. These published arrangements are downloadable. To Linda's amazement, many times the people that perform her music share all the wonderful comments from their performance.


Linda’s music has soothed crying babies, comforted stroke victims, and calmed nervous mothers in hospital delivery rooms. It has been choreographed for ballet dance troupes and dubbed into soundtracks for television. Many people have attributed healing of body, mind, and soul to God’s special touch through Linda’s gift. It is therapeutic, heartfelt, and emotional yet relaxing.


"A first-class listening experience that appeals to lovers of the classics and an inspirational experience"

"Brings a moment for quiet time and retreat... A musical treat and a language without words... Gives peace and comfort in the midst of turmoil"

"Raises me above the frustrations of my daily commute... A spiritual gift from God, moving me to new levels of praise... Listening brings emotion in my throat and gratitude in my heart"


Order 4-hand piano book $22 plus shipping

Linda McKechnie | Pianist & Song Composer - Charlotte NC

A Word from Linda

I sincerely hope that as you progress through this website, I may reflect a strong witness to my Christian faith and be an encouragement to you through my recordings on CD, or through the keyboard music and orchestrations that are now available from these recordings for you to perform.

About Linda

Linda grew up in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, in a very musical family and started playing the piano at the age of four. As a 2nd grader, Linda remembers accompanying her 2nd grade class for their Christmas program. Unusual as it might seem, she loved to practice, play by ear, compose her own melodies, and had a real passion to express her young Christian faith through the hymns and choruses of the church.


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