My Daughter’s Wedding

On February 3, 1996, my daughter Sheri McKechnie was married to Michael Joseph. Of course, the music and the wedding ceremony was very important in the overall planning. We all agreed that this should be a worship service and an elegant celebration. Sheri requested that I play a concert before her wedding and that her father, not only walk her down the aisle but also perform the wedding. We were very excited to be asked and it worked beautifully. A 26-piece orchestra was hired and my brother, Don Marsh conducted. Since that wedding, I have received numerous calls from brides-to-be and their mothers requesting music from my albums for their wedding. It has been fun to act as “music co-ordinator” for them since I had so much experience planning my own daughter’s wedding.

It is my goal to add to this list of music which we have used. Of course, not many will hire a 26-piece orchestra for a wedding, but many will have an organ and piano, violin, flute, or trumpet, or perhaps even a string quartet available. In the next several months, new ideas will be added to also include wedding ceremonies from traditional to contemporary as well as suggestions for vocal solos. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions or suggestions. We did not use any secular love songs but only focused on the love of Christ and dedication of the wedding couple to Him in starting their new life together.

Overview of Wedding Music

Suggested wedding music arranged and recorded
by Linda McKechnie

The music titles below were recorded as piano and orchestra arrangements.

MP3 samples are available by clicking on each title. As you listen to the CD or MP3, keep in mind that the piano is the featured instrument and that the orchestra has been transcribed for organ. Along with the piano and organ, other elements may be added: C instrument (flute, violin, or oboe), a Bb instrument (trumpet), string quartet, vocal solo/duet or unison/2-part choir.

  • a piano and organ duet with optional flute, violin, or oboe (C instrument) or optional trumpet (Bb instrument)
  • a piano and C or Bb instrument duet
  • piano and string quartet with optional C or Bb instrument
  • select titles also have vocal solo/duet music or unison/2 part choir
  • with a few titles, the organ is the featured keyboard with C or Bb instrument
  • piano may be performed with CD track (see piano and CD track)
  • full orchestrations are available (see piano and orchestra)
  • full overview list of ALL published music not included below (see overview)

Please note: Select music for wedding songs by arrangement are available. Individual titles may be ordered separately rather than ordering music in book form for Hymnworks I, Hymnworks II, Symphony of Praise I, and Symphony of Praise II.

Planning your music for a Christian wedding
ceremony is very important

You want it to be special and memorable. Although the wedding day is “all about you”, the wedding ceremony itself has even a higher meaning. This is a worship service. This is a time to praise God, to dedicate your marriage to the Lord amongst your friends and family, and to plan the scripture, message, and music specifically for this time of worship.

Having played for hundreds of church wedding ceremonies, including the planning my own children’s wedding, I have had a wide range of experiences: From playing a rented electronic keyboard in an outside chapel…to playing a five manual pipe organ in a cathedral…from accompanying “aunt Susie”( in which I had to teach her the song)…to accompanying a 100 voice choir…playing the piano with an organist, a violinist, a string quartet and even a full piece orchestra…playing for a wedding in which the church secretary was the only “witness”…to playing for a wedding party of 12 bridesmaids, 12 groomsmen, and 6 toddlers!!!!As a church musician, I am convinced that there is a great need to offer a variety of music that adds a strong Christian perspective and witness. There is a need to help the bride and groom make decisions from replacing their favorite love song with appropriate music that is worshipful and yet reflects their musical preference.

Through my arrangements offered on this website, I reach to a broad spectrum of worship traditions and musical tastes, breathing new life into traditional hymns, praise choruses, Christmas carols, and love songs by blending these familiar melodies with powerful themes of the great classical composers. I am pleased that this music has no boundaries, whether it is a casual or formal worship setting.

These arrangements have been recorded on Hymnworks I & II, Symphony of Praise I & II, Moments With the Savior, and Rhapsody of Love. MP3 samples are available for all titles by clicking on the selection.

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There are several obvious areas of the wedding ceremony in which music is appropriate

Prelude | Vocal Music | Special Seating | Wedding Party Processional
Bridal Processional | Bridal Recessional

The Prelude: 15-20 minutes before the set time, music is performed as the guests are being seated. Many times the choice of music is suggested by the church musician, organist, or wedding consultant. Hopefully, this may be an opportunity in which the bride may be able to present personal suggestions from this website. She will first need to decide whether she wants organ, piano, instrumentalists, a vocalist or choir, a string quartet, or a combination. This will be determined by many factors: budget, the flexibility of musicians and facilities, a casual or formal setting, and expectations of both the bride and groom and their families. Many titles on this site are appropriate for the prelude.

Vocal Music: There are 3 areas that are most appropriate for a vocal selection: before and after the mothers and grandmothers are seated and then in the ceremony. Usually, after the vows and rings have been exchanged there is a prayer of dedication and then a musical selection that is prayerful in nature.

* Arrangement is recorded with vocals

Special Seating: The sign that the wedding is about to start is obvious when the mothers, grandmothers, and honored guests are seated. Usually, the music changes or there may be a slight break in the mood so that the guests give their attention. Sometimes this may also be a time for the house party (honored friends of the bride that are not in the wedding party) to also have a special entrance.

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Wedding Party Processional: The processional for the wedding party and the bride is an important decision. Consider the length of the aisle, the number of people in the wedding party, and how fast the processional will be. The choice also needs to be flexible so that the musicians can shorten or lengthen the music according to how fast the wedding party processes.

Included in the purchase of the following titles are suggestions to shorten or edit the arrangements for attendants walking down a medium length aisle at an easy pace. Click here for wedding party processional suggestions.

Suggestions for wedding party processional that is quiet and elegant
(*most popular titles)

Suggestions for wedding party processional that is more bold and festive

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Bridal Processional: Usually, there is a big distinction and change in music before the bride’s entrance. Many times the bride knows exactly what she wants here. It may be a trumpet fanfare before Here Comes the Bride or a total change from the expected. Most popular recently is Trumpet Voluntary or Trumpet Tune by Purcell or music by Handel.

However, no matter your choice, the musicians will need to customize the music according to  the length of the aisle, when the Bride actually starts down the aisle, how fast the Bride is walking, or if she stops to greet anyone along the way. The musician's choice of tempo makes a difference.

Included in the purchase of the following titles are suggestions to shorten or edit the arrangements for attendants who are walking down a medium length aisle at an easy pace. Click here for bridal processional suggestions (*most popular titles).

Bridal Recessional: Suggestions for the bridal recessional are similar to the above list. Of course, the music must be joyous. The musicians will offer other options from their repertoire such as hymns: Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee or Now Thank We All Our God and other classical music (*most popular titles).

Linda McKechnie | Pianist & Song Composer - Charlotte NC

A Word from Linda

I sincerely hope that as you progress through this website, I may reflect a strong witness to my Christian faith and be an encouragement to you through my recordings on CD, or through the keyboard music and orchestrations that are now available from these recordings for you to perform.

About Linda

Linda grew up in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, in a very musical family and started playing the piano at the age of four. As a 2nd grader, Linda remembers accompanying her 2nd grade class for their Christmas program. Unusual as it might seem, she loved to practice, play by ear, compose her own melodies, and had a real passion to express her young Christian faith through the hymns and choruses of the church.


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