Letters of Appreciation

2010- I purchased a used car about 3 years ago and it had a CD stuck in the player. I had no idea where it came from or who recorded it.  As it turns out, it was your Hymnworks CD. For 2 1/2 years, you have been my companion on my daily commute (33 miles) through Washington traffic. You have given me peace in the midst of turnoil, and helped me rise above the the frustrations during my daily commute. In addition, with your help, I have been able to be victorious in my daily preparation for work, and winding down from frequently trying times at work. Now I have a new CD changer, filled with your recordings. I look forward to many more years of joy, worship, and praise as you travel with me each day.    JIM

2010-    I was leaving early on our move out of Houston to Georgia and expected to take longer than the rest of the family. Since I was without kids, the animals came with me. Our cat, Beans, was in no mood for traveling in a cage on the floor of my truck. He was protesting loudly. I tried to turn up the music to drown him out, but when the volume of the music increased, so did his cries. My patience was just about expended when I wondered if cats were effected by music. I thought maybe I should try a more relaxing and calming selection. It was worth a try. The only music of that style on my Ipod was performed by Linda McKechnie. I found Hymnworks and played it. To my very pleasant surprise, apparently cats do respond to music. Within seconds of the first song starting, Beans was silent, and did not make a peep for the rest of the trip. The beast was tamed.   JAMES

As I listen to your Hymnworks, I find myself worshipping the Lord. Thank you for your commitment to Him, and for the touch of genius He gave you in linking our loved old hymns with the classics. I am richer because of you!
—Ruth B. Graham, wife of evangelist Billy Graham

Linda McKechnie brings her honesty, her humor and love of her Lord to every audience she meets. You will be charmed by her warmth and be inspired by the grace of her music note by note by note. Linda McKechnie’s music weaves the story of God’s redemption, love and joy. Incorporating familiar hymns from her gospel roots and classical themes from her music education, this talented pianist fills our hearts with songs of God. "To God be the glory" is the theme of Linda’s music-and the theme of her life. As she tells her story , we see how God has interwoven His gifts in her life to create something beautiful for Him. Listen to her music, hear her witness, join her in song. Linda will lead you in finding the song in your life and praising God that in His hands there is harmony.
—Martha Hunt

To say you are an inspiration to me is a major understatement! Because of your thrilling arrangements, I was compelled to get back into piano lessons just to play your music. That pursuit afforded me not only the reward of accomplishment but created many enjoyable hours... just me and my piano.... a kind of quiet time or "retreat".
—Glenda Hamilton

My mother, age 74, was spending the weekend with me and came down with a bad virus. She was extremely ill and was so nervous about getting dehydrated that she wanted to be hospitalized. I turned on your tape and left her to rest. Later, she asked where the beautiful music was coming from and that, for a while, she thought the angels were playing it in Heaven! She was convinced the Lord healed her through your music and I was too.

The doctor’s diagnosis was alarming. I would not survive without a liver transplant and that would have to occur within the next 6-10 days. Thousands began to pray. My family was attending to me in intensive care. They had decided that a tape playing old hymns might calm me. (This happened to be Hymnworks I). I seemed intent upon the music, although to this day I have no memory of this event. When "‘Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus" began to play, to their surprise and shock, I began to sing. The second verse that my enchephalopatic mind choose to sing was: "Oh how sweet to trust in Jesus, Just to trust his cleansing blood, Just in simple faith to plunge me, Neath the healing cleansing flood". That afternoon I began to return to consciousness. My "counts" began to come down, without medication or surgery. The next day, I was out of intensive care and soon sent home. My liver specialist said, "You need to know that your liver has died and that your body is generating a new liver. It is not unheard of but it is very rare". I said to him, "Divine healing is a reality! Praise God!" (quotes from a sermon August 29, 1996)
—Dr. Millard Reed, President, Trevecca Nazarene College, Nashville, TN

Your music holds special memories for me. While expecting our first child, Ray and I attended your concert performance. I will never forget the movement of my baby in me while being engulfed by your music. The joy was almost more than I could bear. Sarah, who is now three years old, loves music. I believe it must have begun before her birth while being exposed to your music during live performances and tapes.
—Ray and Pam Greer

Here I sit in church listening to you play...failing to sing words because of emotion in my throat and gratitude in my heart. I could feel Jesus’ presence here and I imagined Him sitting beside you on your bench- gently whispering once again..."Well done, my good and faithful servant".
—Karen Anderson

There are not enough superlatives to describe the experience of having Linda as a guest artist. Not only is she a lovely, gifted and talented person. She is also the epitome of graciousness and flexibility which can indeed be rare in the world of "celebrity status". Linda has done what most arrangers have always attempted to do - share their faith through music, a language without words, without preaching, but still conveying the very presence, power and majesty of God.
—Gary Klarenbeek, Minister of Music, First Presbyterian Church, Naples, FL

God is good. One of His greatest blessings to me in 1997 was the joy of sitting under your anointed ministry in worship and music at the concert Friday night...It is not often that I have a worship experience that is as God-honoring, uplifting and awe inspiring as that. I didn’t want to see the concert/service end. What I saw demonstrated is much more than talent. It is super-human, supernatural, a spiritual gift from God that enables you to hear from Him and put music together in the tremendous way you do... What you do definitely has its source in Heaven.
—Dr. Charles Sineath, Pastor, First United Methodist Church, Marietta, GA

Comments as a Handbell Clinician

Thank you for your good work and witness this past weekend. I appreciate your compassion and individual attention to several handbell ringers. You were equally a real blessing as you shared your music in our worship services. I have had numerous comments and cards relating how beautiful and uplifting your playing was. festival.
—Louisiana Baptist Convention

The participants from the handbell workshop commented that they especially appreciated getting to know you as a person, as well as the composer/arranger of the published music we rehearsed. Your talent and winsome spirit was obvious.
—Worshop, Marietta, GA

Linda McKechnie | Pianist & Song Composer - Charlotte NC

A Word from Linda

I sincerely hope that as you progress through this website, I may reflect a strong witness to my Christian faith and be an encouragement to you through my recordings on CD, or through the keyboard music and orchestrations that are now available from these recordings for you to perform.

About Linda

Linda grew up in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, in a very musical family and started playing the piano at the age of four. As a 2nd grader, Linda remembers accompanying her 2nd grade class for their Christmas program. Unusual as it might seem, she loved to practice, play by ear, compose her own melodies, and had a real passion to express her young Christian faith through the hymns and choruses of the church.


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