Linda McKechnie A Christian Recording ArtistThe Ministry of Linda McKechnie

As a recording artist

The collaborative efforts of this Steinway Artist and the orchestration of her brother, arranger, and producer, Don Marsh, have recorded a long list of best selling instrumental albums. Linda and Don succeed with dramatic flair in rejuvenating the traditional hymn, Praise and Worship chorus, and Christmas Carol by blending these with the powerful themes of the master composers such as Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart.

Hymnworks I & II, Hymnworks Christmas Symphony of Praise I & II, A World of Praise, Moments with the Savior (2000 Dove award nomination), Rhapsody of Love, Rhapsody of Christmas, Reflections, Worship Collage, and Rhapsody of Christmas II

As a witness through her performance

Linda has accomplished a remarkable blend of talent and spiritual giftedness, whether she is a part of a concert series, or performs for civic or church groups. Her winsome interaction with the audience, her explanation relating to how the arrangements were written, her witness to Christ’s love in her life, and her encouragement to the audience to sing along adds a warm, personal element to all events.

General & seasonal concerts, orchestra concerts, piano dedication, fundraisers, women’s events, and keyboard workshops

As an arranger and resource for piano solos, keyboard duets, string quartet music, orchestrations, handbell music, and wedding ideas

Much of Linda’s recorded music is now available in print. Look at her website for a list of keyboard music, coordinating orchestrations and string quartets, solo treble instrumental music with piano, orchestrated CD track accompaniments, handbell music and commissions, and wedding music ideas for a traditional, elegant Christian wedding.

Linda can customize her presentation to meet each situation and expectation. Whether she plays a concert using her CD orchestrated track, uses a live orchestra or string ensemble, church organist, instrumental soloist, singing or ringing choirs, Linda enjoys including others in the performance.

Linda McKechnie | Pianist & Song Composer - Charlotte NC

A Word from Linda

I sincerely hope that as you progress through this website, I may reflect a strong witness to my Christian faith and be an encouragement to you through my recordings on CD, or through the keyboard music and orchestrations that are now available from these recordings for you to perform.

About Linda

Linda grew up in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, in a very musical family and started playing the piano at the age of four. As a 2nd grader, Linda remembers accompanying her 2nd grade class for their Christmas program. Unusual as it might seem, she loved to practice, play by ear, compose her own melodies, and had a real passion to express her young Christian faith through the hymns and choruses of the church.


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